Addie Cluff

As we go about our earthly lives, we tend to avoid taking responsibility for our wrong actions. It’s just human nature. We want to justify what we have done wrong or push the responsibility on to someone else so we can blame them when things aren’t perfect.

The majority might gear toward something wrong in order to justify their actions saying, “If everyone is doing it then it must be right,” but that is not the case. Just because society is pulling you to do something does not make that action right. We ask our children: “If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you too?” Of course they say they wouldn’t so why should we? As everyone else is decreasing in virtue we can stand out and stand fast in our principles.

Society claims that it is justifiable to allow your children to be sent to strangers for 6-8 hours a day in order to “properly educate” them when in reality they are being taught principles that are contrary to your beliefs. This eliminates the responsibility of the parents to really educate their own children. But children are, as Tacitus says in his book, Agricola, “… each man’s dearest possession.” Parents will complain about what their kids are learning but do not admit that they have the ability to change that and teach their children for themselves. They will change the future, so why not take responsibility to help make the future brighter ourselves?

We allow the government to take a large percentage of our earnings in order to “help” those who are in need. We tell ourselves that the government will take care of them so we don’t need to. However, the money is instead used for wicked things but all we choose to do is shake our fists and blame the government. We claim that there isn’t anything we could possibly do about it.

We are told we have peace but in reality all we have is war. I think that everyone recognizes this but just crosses their fingers and hopes the government will take care of it, that as they send more troops and kill more people it will somehow get better. But just as Tacitus says, we “… make a desolation and call it peace.” We cannot just sit back and hope things will get better anymore.

In order to make a difference we must first take responsibility for our actions. We cannot go on any longer by simply sitting back and letting someone else take over so we can feel blameless. We need to have the courage to recognize that we are at fault as well. We have the power to make a change if we will only admit what we are doing wrong. Tacitus also teaches that “… the strong man’s pride is also the coward’s best safety.” If we choose to stand idly, afraid to undo our wrongs, then we will be governed by those who are prideful and wicked. It takes courage to do what is right, but courage always pays.

~ Addie Cluff

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