String of Tyranny

Poem by Alex Hess

It was as if her mouth was sewn shut.

Everything she wanted to say pulled at her lips.

Pain being laced through the string of tyranny keeping her silent.

The truth; she knew the truth behind their lies.

All of the wrongdoing that they were performing,

all of the rights that they were infringing;

and they took the most important one out first;

She can’t express her mind,

No one can.

Not a word she could speak due to those who came before her.

Not a word she could speak against those who were supposed to protect her.

“Words hurt people,”

“More teens have committed suicide”

“She urged him”

“Did not alert help”

“Her words killed him”

“Words are not safe,”

Restricting words hurt people.

The people are hurt but feel no pain

For they are numb with ignorance

Those books that she read and lived by,

She couldn’t share what was right.

She couldn’t help those around her,

The string of tyranny permanently keeping her silent.

~ Alex Hess

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