Victoria Smith

Cicero proves in his Treatise on the Commonwealth why it is that we are pushing so hard for the restoration of liberty in America. In book one, he acknowledges the men of the best caliber who fought for the betterment of the Roman commonwealth. There were numerous obstacles that these heroes faced, yet they continue on pursuing the noblest cause. He goes on to address his own term:

“My own history is by no means free from such calamities, and I imagine, that when they recollect, that by my counsel and perils they were preserved in life and liberty, they will more deeply and tenderly bewail my misfortunes.”

No man is exempt from the trials that arise in a country no matter how great he is. Indeed, Cicero did not shy away from the calamities of public service, but he kept fighting for what he knew was right. More importantly, he did not focus on his struggles but rather the end to which they lead. He sought to preserve the life and liberty of his people no matter what came in his way. This is the dedication we all must uphold if we want to restore our own Commonwealth to its former glory. Cicero went on to comment,

“I cannot tell why those who sail over the seas for the sake of knowledge and experience, should wonder at seeing still greater hazards braved in the service of the Commonwealth.”

Today, as in roman times, we go to extreme extents for trivial matters yet are unwilling to fight for what is most important. People wonder at our actions; they marvel at the extents we go to for our republic. But the people who oppose us will be the first to shake our hands in gratitude when our job is done.

We have been called. It is clear that there is a job for us to do no matter what everyone else is saying. But since we are called, we have an obligation to answer it. The time is now. If we do not, Cicero assures us that the inspiration will pass:

“Lest we should discover, too late, when we desire to save her, that we are without the power.”

With each passing day, more and more power is being usurped, and we are letting it happen unless we speak up. The more we slug of the responsibility till the next catastrophe or the next generation, the more we lose. We can not waste a second of time because the clock shall soon run out. So how can we make sure our time is not being wasted? How are we to keep those precious liberty in our hands? Well, Cicero has that answer as well. He remarks that,

“[i]n every profession, every artist who would distinguish himself, studies and toils to gain perfection in his art.”

Today, we can manifest our virtuous desires by studying those like Cicero and striving towards perfection in ourselves. Only then can we enact what we have learned.

~ Victoria Smith

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